Emotion Awareness Day for everyone:

Do you want to learn more about your emotions and try out some personal challenges? You can understand your shame and fears better and get more friendly with your assertive anger and self-compassion, starting today. All you need is your beautiful emotion; Curiosity 

Learn About emotions!

Click the logo to go to www.emotioncompass.org where you can learn about emotions:
...Or click the faces to go straight to the content that is relevant for you:

The happy face will teach you about your emotions:

The sad face will help you figure what you need:

The shameful face will help you discover your emotional style:

The scared face will take you to emotion exercises:

Talk to your kids about emotions

Show the animated films about "Alfred & Shadow" at home and talk to your kids about emotions

Talk to your Partner about how you feel and what you need

Show your real emotions today, and talk about your fears, anger, shame or sadness. Is there something you have been wanting to address, that you have been putting off, in fear of rejection or feeling stupid or dramatic? Take a deep breath and find your courage to show your partner how you’re feeling and what you need.

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