Emotion Awareness Day’s mission is to increase people’s knowledge about emotions and make the world a little bit more emotion friendly. The media plays an important role in facilitating the new knowledge we have about humans most important information- and motivation-system and getting it out there. 


  • Emotion awareness day was established in 2021 when the International Society of Emotion-Focused Therapy sat the date of June 2nd as a day to promote knowledge and awareness about emotions. 
  •  The day is marked in 26 different countries. 
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Promote emotions in media

  • Write about emotions; anger, shame, sadness, happiness, curiosity, disgust and fear  
  •  Interview people and professionals about emotions
  •  Promote research on emotions
  • For more information about Emotion Awareness Day please contact us at: curious@emotionawarenessday.com

Learn About emotions!

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