Professionals who want to mark emotion awareness day:

Whether you work with children, adults, mental health or other areas. Regardless of your theoretical framework and your stance on emotions, we would love for you to promote your view on emotions. You are one of the keyholders of the field’s recent and updated knowledge about emotions. 

talk about emotions

Talk about emotions in supervision, at lectures, workshops and with colleagues. Do interviews and say yes to TV-reporters who want a statement on emotions.

Write about emotions

Write a small text or a chronicle about emotions and publish it in on social media, your own website or in a newspaper.

Show emotions

Self-disclose about your own vulnerabilities in your daily work and life – and especially on Emotion Awareness Day.

Make a short film

Set up a camera and talk about emotions, publish your film om social medias. Use #emotionawarenessday

Learn About emotions!

Click the logo to go to where you can learn about emotions:

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