June 2, 2023

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Alfred and shadow

Short stories about emotions

6 Reasons Why You Should Mark Emotion Awareness Day

  1. There’s lots of new research about emotions, that people need to know about. 
  2. Emotions are our main motivational system, and we want people to know how it works. 
  3. Avoiding painful emotions lead to emotional suffering. 
  4. Understanding and processing emotions promote mental health, strong relationships and less conflict. 
  5. Some emotions have a bad reputation and others are misunderstood, and we need to set the record straight: we need all our emotions! 
  6. Creating a more emotion-friendly world!

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For many years you have talked about me. Behind my back. Over my head. Shouting at me. At times you haven’t even acknowledged my existence, and never have you truly listened to me. I want this to change.I need you to be with me. Sit down with me, and take me seriously. Stay with me long enough for me to tell you about my deepest longings and my heartfelt needs. If you do, I will fuel your voice in the world with magic power and create human connections for you. If you won’t, I will likely cause hell. It’s up to you! 

I am emotion

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“Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

Emotion awareness day in China 2021

Imagine if we could experience our feelings in such a way that we knew what they were good for, even when they hurt the most. 

What if we acknowledged vulnerability as the gateway to our needs and the bond in our relationships? Seeing others’ vulnerability elicits our empathy and makes our heart warm for others.

What Kind of a world would that be?

Excerpt from text by Vanja Hjelmseth

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